Maxofit® Deluxe Reviews and Analysis

Maxofit® Deluxe: A few weeks ago we put at your disposal a comparison of our best Freeride and Cruising longboards. I hope our selection will help you find a board that will fit your lifestyle.

We are going to present you the Deluxe MAXOfit® Drop Through now, and we will give you the technical characteristics as well as our test and opinion on this longboard.

Technical features of the Deluxe MAXOfit® Drop Through

  • Length / Width: 104 cm / 25cm
  • Use: Freeride, Cruising
  • Brand: MAXOfit® Tres Cruces
  • Materials: 9 plies of Canadian maple
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Trucks: Reverse, Inverted Slant
  • Ball bearing: Abec 11
  • Diameter / Width of the wheels: 70mm / 51mm
  • Wheel Material: PUC SH 78A

The board :

Here we have a board with nine plies of Canadian maple which is perfect at the level of resistance and flexibility. Most planks offer only seven plies of maple and often medium qualities because some woods are composed of small knots that reduce the flexibility of the board, which makes it more brittle. MaxOfit offers us a perfect board to walk or ride, and that will also last in time!

Wheels and ball bearings:

Composed of Abec 11, the fastest bearings that exist, and Puc SH 78a wheels, which offer excellent grip, our longboard will then achieve tremendous speeds. It will be essential to pay attention to the imperfections of the road because the Abec 11 are on the other hand very fragile and you will inevitably have to change them in your life. As for the wheels I want to specify that a user exceeding the 80 kg will have to change the hardness of its wheels like that of types  83a,   90a, and 95a which are more rigid.

Pads and erasers:

Still, nothing to say for erasers and pads! They are perfect, and the components used are of good quality which offers optimal flexibility and perfect damping during turns and grinds, ideal for the Free ride!

The conclusion of the MaxOfit

It’s the best board I’ve tested that meets all the criteria to go from cruising to freeride. The wood is excellent with nine plies of Canadian maple, ABEC 11 ball bearings that offer more momentum and speed and pads and eras of good quality! The price is reasonable because we have a product that meets our expectations. However, we would have liked a broader color range or an amount more of 150 – 160 euros.

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The 7 Best Wind Anemometers | Review | Advantage & Cons

Best Wind Anemometers: You might think the wind anemometer is a very sophisticated instrument, but it is not. Nowadays there are small anemometers that you can take to the mountain, and that you connect to your mobile to do the readings. Yes, you’ve heard it well, thanks to advances in technology, you can find very cheap, small-sized anemometers that connect to your smartphone. The most common are casserole anemometers.

Best Wind Anemometers

Wind Anemometers

Wind Anemometers

Buy the anemometer that best suits your needs, and you can know precisely the wind speed. The anemometer is a handy instrument when doing mountain sports to avoid dangerous situations.

Buy your wind anemometer here

We have the best wind anemometers you can find in the market. You can also buy the new cup anemometer for a mobile phone. The cup anemometer for a smartphone is very easy to use so you have to download the application on your mobile and you’re done!

This anemometer has no digital components to transfer data to the mobile. It works correctly with smartphones with magnetometers. 4 little magnets at the base of the cups interact with the intelligent device, which in turn translates the magnetic data into the wind speed using an algorithm. To use it, you have to bring the anemometer closer to the mobile with the application open. It is not necessary to place it in the headphone jack, although it is convenient since you will get more stability. It is also compact to carry in any mountain backpack.

What is an anemometer for?

The Anemometer is an instrument that is used to measure the wind speed and is one of the major parts of a weather station. Choosing an anemometer can be complicated. You can find a lot of types of anemometers, each with its unique style and functionality. To select the most appropriate, you must take into account certain factors and aspects. These are some of the most critical elements you need to buy your perfect anemometer.

Types of wind anemometers

First, you must decide what kind of anemometer you need and are willing to buy. Here are the most popular types of anemometers that can be very useful in the mountains.

Bowl anemometer

Cup anemometers are the most common. A cup anemometer consists of 2, 3 or 4 cups that rotate on a vertical axis. The bowl turns when the wind blows, and an integrated sensor measures the rotation, which then becomes the reading of the wind speed.


  • This type of anemometer does not need to point towards the source to detect the wind speed.
  • Cup anemometers are highly reliable and resistant.


  • The anemometer will sometimes have a very high starting speed.
  • Low measurements are not studied very well.
  • In turbulent conditions, cup anemometers can underestimate wind speeds.
  • They can give bad readings due to the formation of ice.
  1. Propeller anemometers

Propeller anemometers have a mechanism similar to pan anemometers, but the sensors of a propeller anemometer are shaped like a windmill or turbine. Unlike pan anemometers, this type of anemometer must be parallel to the wind and rotate on a horizontal axis.


  • They work in environments with pollution and are more resistant and durable than other anemometers such as a hot wire.
  • Propeller anemometers can handle high wind speeds.


  • To obtain the best result or accurate readings, the unit must be pointing toward the source.
  • Anemometers with smaller propellers usually have higher starting speeds.
  • As with pan anemometers, the rotating parts of the propeller anemometers also wear out with use over time.
  1. Hotwire anemometers

Hotwire anemometers work with a completely different mechanism. In a hot wire anemometer, a thin wire inside the equipment is electrically heated, which cools when the wind flows. By knowing the current required to maintain the temperature of the fence, the hot wire anemometer calculates the heat loss and gives us the value of the wind speed.


  • It offers a low initial threshold.
  • There are no rotating parts, so this equipment lasts longer compared to the bowl anemometer or the propeller anemometer.
  • It provides high precision reading, with quick response.
  • The sensor is smaller in size.


  • Large particles of air can damage the device, so this type of anemometer is not recommended for dirty environments.
  • It is not appropriate for places with rapid fluctuations in temperature, as it would give erroneous readings.
  1. Anemometers of Pitot tubes

Pitot tube anemometers measure the wind pressure to obtain the wind speed reading. This type of anemometer has two cells: one of the machines has a central hole that measures the dynamic pressure and a lateral hole that measures the static pressure, while the other tube only has a side hole. The air velocity is calculated thanks to the pressure difference with the Bernoulli equation.


  • It can usually handle very high temperatures and airspeed.
  • Pitot tubes are tiny and can easily be inserted into the duct.
  • They do not have rotating parts, so they do not wear quickly.
  • Offers a quick response


  • The equipment must be oriented towards the wind flow.
  • It is not supported for places with very fluctuating wind flow.
  • It is not proper for areas with low airspeed.
  1. Sonic anemometers

Sonic anemometers are the most advanced. Ultrasonic sound waves are used by the sonic anemometer to measure the wind speed. The wind speed is regulated depending on the time of flight taken by sonic pulses between the transducers.


  • You can capture measurements with excellent temporal resolutions of 20Hz or more.
  • Resistant to the weather and unlikely to fail due to the effect of icing.
  • They have no rotating parts, so this type of anemometer has greater durability than the cup anemometer and the propeller anemometer.


  • Very rare and more valuable than other types of anemometers.
  • They are usually fixed and not portable
  • If a bird perches on the sonic anemometer, it can cause problems, resulting in abnormally high false wind gusts.

Accuracy assessment

When evaluating the quality of an anemometer, the accuracy rating is the most critical factor to consider. The degree of accuracy of the unit means how accurate the reading provided by a particular anemometer is. For best results, always look for an anemometer that has an efficiency of ± 0 to ± 5%.

Wind speed and response

Wind speed is an essential aspect that you should consider. A real anemometer will usually have a wind speed report that ranges from 0 to 100 mph or more. The answers provided by the anemometer should be quick. The wind speed can usually fluctuate rapidly, so the team should be able to give a quick and updated response to the reading of the wind speed.

Size and Design

The different types of anemometers come with very different sizes and designs. For example, you can find propeller anemometers with the size of the propeller more or less extensive and some pan anemometers with more or fewer cups. Propeller anemometers with huge propellers are better than the smallest ones as mentioned above. In the same way, the anemometer with 3 cups is more precise than the one with 4 cups. The hot wire anemometer with longer cables is better, since the more excellent the location of the wind sensor, the more accurate the reading will be. These characteristics are important when choosing an anemometer.


The material and the manufacture of the anemometer are necessary factors since they directly influence its durability. The anemometer will be continuously exposed to the outdoor environment and will face the most stringent weather conditions, so be sure to buy a significant and robust anemometer that can withstand the worst climates.

In general, pan anemometers and propeller anemometers cannot withstand ice, and fail due to the effect of ice, although you can buy high-end pan anemometers that can work even in freezing weather. Once again, thanks to advances in technology, there are pan anemometers and helical anemometers with shallow friction parts, which last much longer than normal ones.


The color of the anemometer is important for places that are often affected by ice. The anemometers are available in two colors, black and white. Both types are susceptible to ice formation, but black anemometers thaw faster than whites.

Other features

There are many other features that you can look at, such as electrical and mechanical components, accessibility for cleaning and maintenance, and digital pulse data that help prevent electrical interference from various sources, such as radio transmission.

Final Word

Keeping an anemometer is not a simple task, and it may take some time. Although the expensive units are the best, there are also some low-end anemometers with high functionality and durability. It does not matter what your budget is. If you consider all the circumstances specified above, you can easily find the most suitable one. Take the necessary time and select the best one.

Need for Personal Defense in the Face of Increasing Public Insecurity

Need for Personal Defense: Citizen insecurity has increased, causing the simple fact of going out on the street, can cause anxiety and uncertainty to people. Today we talk about the methods that citizens have to protect themselves.

Need for Personal Defense

In recent months, the entire Shoke Store team has received a large number of doubts and questions about an issue that nowadays seems essential: personal defense and the products that are there to ensure it. These questions also came from all kinds of people beyond their sex and age, who felt insecure or who believed that some member of their family, partner or friends, could be.

And is that in recent times all citizens have witnessed regrettable cases that have caused us some insecurity and fear, which has been increased by laws that can sometimes be too lax and that many have come to believe that protect more the person who commits the crime than the victim of his act. And it is because of this question that citizens ask themselves if they are unprotected or there is something they can do to protect themselves against possible aggressors or attackers. Today we want to dedicate this article to detail the legal methods of self-defense that you have, which we believe can be useful both to you and to people around you.

1st courses of self-defense

In Shoke Store we have been doing personal defense courses for women for years, but like this option, you have other possibilities such as martial arts courses or boxing. Thanks to these courses you will learn all kinds of exercises for the different situations that you can face, and you will gain security, noticing that if something happened to you, now you can answer.

We believe that if you feel uncertainty or fear, you must take one of these courses of defense person because not only will give you a reasonable basis, but also the ability not to be paralyzed before a dangerous situation or risk.

2nd Sprays of personal defense

The questions that most times we answer in SHOKE, have to do with the sprays of own security: what is the best model? Is it legal? How should I use it?

The first thing you should know is that YES, it is legal for all those who are over 18 years old, so it is the instrument of personal defense that we always recommend that you take with you. On the contrary, anti violator sprays that you can do at home and whose tutorials continuously appear on the Internet are not only illegal but can be dangerous for the carrier, since it has not gone through the security measures that the sprays have had — approved personal defense.

Concerning the best models, at Shoke Shop we always recommend Fito personal defense sprays for their type of gas, which allows pepper gas to reach the attacker’s eyes without having hit them directly. You must bear in mind that gel pepper sprays do require that aim that if at any moment it can be difficult, in a situation of fear it is much more. However, we have created an infographic so that you know in a much more visual way the characteristics of the different sprays.

Finally, its method of use is very simple; you have to press it and spray it on the aggressor. Its gas and air format will do the rest. This pepper gas makes the person incapacitated for 15-20 minutes, which allows you to run away without problems. Another option is to combine this spray with the panic button that generates a loud noise that will attract the attention of people who may be close to you and will allow you a better escape.

Shoke store sincerely hopes that very soon we have to see in the press really sad cases and that all people feel safe again living their life as they choose and that the simple fact of going out at night, dress as you want or just Knowing someone does not cause certain insecurity in people. Meanwhile, we hope these self-defense tips have been useful for you.

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