10 Pro Tips and Tricks to Use a Chainsaw

10 Pro Tips and Tricks to Use a Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a versatile and surgical tool for trimming gardens and cutting trees as well as firewoods. It is useful and has multipurpose usage. As it is a powerful surgical instrument, therefore, it is dangerous as well.

If you are a beginner, you need to be very cautious during the use of the chainsaw. One wrong maneuver can prove to be quite fatal. The tool is so dangerous that it might cause fatal injuries, limbs loss and even death.

Every machine has some specific techniques for efficient and safe use, and the same applies to chainsaws as well. There are a few tricks of using a chainsaw safely. So, if you want to start using a chainsaw, you must know those tricks and tips.

A high-quality battery powered chainsaw also brings a huge difference in ensuring safety. For first-time chainsaw users investing in a good-quality chainsaw is a must.

Only then you will be allowed to apply the pro tricks. Now, if you have a chainsaw, we have ten pro tips and tricks for you.  Hopefully, the tips and techniques will be a great help to you during your felling and cutting bouts.

Know your chainsaw well

Before using any tool, knowing about its every part is crucial. The importance of knowledge on gravity increases even more with risky instruments like chainsaws. Learn the location of power on/off switch, trigger control, and throttle lock. Have proper knowledge of what they do and when you need to use them. Then practice them again and again to master those aspects.

Wear gloves

Always wear thick gloves while using a chainsaw because the hands remain at maximum risk during the chainsaw usage. The constant vibration of the chainsaw also causes discomfort. The gel-filled gloves are the best to absorb the vibration. They are thick as well.

Hearing protection

The noisy tools like chainsaw affect our ears. So, it is necessary to use hearing protection while using the chainsaw. Buy earmuffs or plugs to protect your ears from constant loud noise.

Other safety gears

Besides wearing gloves and ear gears, other safety gears are also essential to wear whether they are not compulsory. Wear a helmet and an eye protector glass. Helmet with face screen is even better.

Wear a shirt with long sleeves, chainsaw chaps, steel-toed boot to ensure full body protection. You can wrap the tooth of the chainsaw with a foam pipe insulation and tie it with rubber bands. Like this, the blade will not be kept open and cause cuts.

Check minutely before starting

A chainsaw with robust battery life, instant start feature, properly placed controls, two sturdy handlebars, sharp tooth, and proper chain tension is the best battery powered chainsaw. Check the chainsaw minutely before starting to ensure maximum comfort while using the tool. Always charge the instrument fully, fill oil and gas if needed, and check the sharpness of the tooth.

Start correctly

Once you switch on the power button of the chainsaw, you will feel a jerk. The sudden jolt can cause injuries and to avoid the danger accurately starting it is significant. There are two techniques to start. The first technique is to keep your chainsaw on the ground.

Hold the handlebar with the nondominant hand and place the preferred-toe where the trigger control is before starting the chainsaw. The second technique is to keep the rear of the chainsaw against the right leg. Make sure it is a bit tilted to the right side before yanking the rope.

Hold the right way

Prevent accidents by just properly holding the chainsaw while cutting. A chainsaw has two handles. Always ensure to have an encircling grip on the front handle with the nondominant hand. It allows full control of the saw during kickbacks.

Switch the power while moving to another log or tree. If not convenient then leave the grip of the dominant hand from the rear handle and transmit the chainsaw with the front handle. Make sure it remains at the side while carrying. Like this, you will be safe during tripping and falling.

Never use the kickback zone

You can use both the top and bottom bar of the chain while trimming and felling. However, there is one specific section of the chain which is forbidden to use. It is called the nose or the kickback zone of a chainsaw.

The top half of the chain’s tip is the kickback zone. The moment the nose touches any wooden surface it causes kickback and one can lose the balance. So, be careful.

Treat the gasoline

Always use a stabilizer to treat the gasoline, or it will affect the durability of the instrument. Buy gas in small quantity to avoid using a stale product to run your machine. Mix the stabilizer immediately after buying the gas. You can wrap the opening of the tank with plastic, and seal it with the cap to avoid the fuel leakage.

Know when to sharpen

The easy way to gauge the sharpness of the blade is to check the sawdust. If the chain splits chips instead of sawdust, it requires sharpening.  Also, a sharp chain will allow cutting with less force. So, if you are applying too much strength while felling, your chainsaw requires sharpening.

These are some tips for comfortably using a chainsaw. Use these techniques to become a master in chainsaw skill. If you are a beginner, then make sure that you are using a chainsaw under supervision.

Do not try using such a risky instrument alone unless you have practiced enough to be called the most skilled. Always stay alert and hold concentration sincerely while using a chainsaw. Ensure safe use and be protected indeed.