Outdoor Art

Outdoor Art: Being able to see different works of art and ours without having to enter a gallery or museum is more fun and fascinating than you think. It gives you the chance to see some of the greatest works of art in the world, thematic samples and even new proposals that may be your favorites.

Outdoor Art 

We talk about the space that includes the walk of the reform between the roundabout of the Diana Huntress and the roundabout of the winged freedom or angel of independence. In this area samples of pieces are made that will make you have a great approach to art and enjoy with your family.

The best thing about this space is that you can enjoy it without limitations, here you can go with your family on roller skates, biking, walking, take your dog for a walk and have drinks or a snack while you enjoy these exhibitions.

Throughout the year you can enjoy different exhibitions that change according to temporarily. Recently we were able to appreciate pieces related to American football and teams that would play in the Super bowl. During the months of October and November, you can see a sample of monumental inebriates that, after parading through the streets of the center, stay for a few days to appreciate them.

If you like photography, an open space where you can find samples is in the grate of Chapultepec Castle.