Maxofit® Deluxe: A few weeks ago we put at your disposal a comparison of our best Freeride and Cruising longboards. I hope our selection will help you find a board that will fit your lifestyle.

We are going to present you the Deluxe MAXOfit® Drop Through now, and we will give you the technical characteristics as well as our test and opinion on this longboard.

Technical features of the Deluxe MAXOfit® Drop Through

  • Length / Width: 104 cm / 25cm
  • Use: Freeride, Cruising
  • Brand: MAXOfit® Tres Cruces
  • Materials: 9 plies of Canadian maple
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Trucks: Reverse, Inverted Slant
  • Ball bearing: Abec 11
  • Diameter / Width of the wheels: 70mm / 51mm
  • Wheel Material: PUC SH 78A

The board :

Here we have a board with nine plies of Canadian maple which is perfect at the level of resistance and flexibility. Most planks offer only seven plies of maple and often medium qualities because some woods are composed of small knots that reduce the flexibility of the board, which makes it more brittle. MaxOfit offers us a perfect board to walk or ride, and that will also last in time!

Wheels and ball bearings:

Composed of Abec 11, the fastest bearings that exist, and Puc SH 78a wheels, which offer excellent grip, our longboard will then achieve tremendous speeds. It will be essential to pay attention to the imperfections of the road because the Abec 11 are on the other hand very fragile and you will inevitably have to change them in your life. As for the wheels I want to specify that a user exceeding the 80 kg will have to change the hardness of its wheels like that of types  83a,   90a, and 95a which are more rigid.

Pads and erasers:

Still, nothing to say for erasers and pads! They are perfect, and the components used are of good quality which offers optimal flexibility and perfect damping during turns and grinds, ideal for the Free ride!

The conclusion of the MaxOfit

It’s the best board I’ve tested that meets all the criteria to go from cruising to freeride. The wood is excellent with nine plies of Canadian maple, ABEC 11 ball bearings that offer more momentum and speed and pads and eras of good quality! The price is reasonable because we have a product that meets our expectations. However, we would have liked a broader color range or an amount more of 150 – 160 euros.

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