Need for Personal Defense: Citizen insecurity has increased, causing the simple fact of going out on the street, can cause anxiety and uncertainty to people. Today we talk about the methods that citizens have to protect themselves.

Need for Personal Defense

In recent months, the entire Shoke Store team has received a large number of doubts and questions about an issue that nowadays seems essential: personal defense and the products that are there to ensure it. These questions also came from all kinds of people beyond their sex and age, who felt insecure or who believed that some member of their family, partner or friends, could be.

And is that in recent times all citizens have witnessed regrettable cases that have caused us some insecurity and fear, which has been increased by laws that can sometimes be too lax and that many have come to believe that protect more the person who commits the crime than the victim of his act. And it is because of this question that citizens ask themselves if they are unprotected or there is something they can do to protect themselves against possible aggressors or attackers. Today we want to dedicate this article to detail the legal methods of self-defense that you have, which we believe can be useful both to you and to people around you.

1st courses of self-defense

In Shoke Store we have been doing personal defense courses for women for years, but like this option, you have other possibilities such as martial arts courses or boxing. Thanks to these courses you will learn all kinds of exercises for the different situations that you can face, and you will gain security, noticing that if something happened to you, now you can answer.

We believe that if you feel uncertainty or fear, you must take one of these courses of defense person because not only will give you a reasonable basis, but also the ability not to be paralyzed before a dangerous situation or risk.

2nd Sprays of personal defense

The questions that most times we answer in SHOKE, have to do with the sprays of own security: what is the best model? Is it legal? How should I use it?

The first thing you should know is that YES, it is legal for all those who are over 18 years old, so it is the instrument of personal defense that we always recommend that you take with you. On the contrary, anti violator sprays that you can do at home and whose tutorials continuously appear on the Internet are not only illegal but can be dangerous for the carrier, since it has not gone through the security measures that the sprays have had — approved personal defense.

Concerning the best models, at Shoke Shop we always recommend Fito personal defense sprays for their type of gas, which allows pepper gas to reach the attacker’s eyes without having hit them directly. You must bear in mind that gel pepper sprays do require that aim that if at any moment it can be difficult, in a situation of fear it is much more. However, we have created an infographic so that you know in a much more visual way the characteristics of the different sprays.

Finally, its method of use is very simple; you have to press it and spray it on the aggressor. Its gas and air format will do the rest. This pepper gas makes the person incapacitated for 15-20 minutes, which allows you to run away without problems. Another option is to combine this spray with the panic button that generates a loud noise that will attract the attention of people who may be close to you and will allow you a better escape.

Shoke store sincerely hopes that very soon we have to see in the press really sad cases and that all people feel safe again living their life as they choose and that the simple fact of going out at night, dress as you want or just Knowing someone does not cause certain insecurity in people. Meanwhile, we hope these self-defense tips have been useful for you.

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