Tanuki Ninja - Tenkara Fly Fishing rod

Fishing with a fine line helps a fisher to have better contact between the rod and fly. It also helps to keep the line above the water. Tanuki Ninja is such kind of short, light and flexible rod that offers a continuous casting without any pause on breakfast as there is no mass on the line. It brings the joy of fishing by manipulating a fly to fool a fish or feel a fish in deep water.

Tanuki Ninja is the simplest and most effective way of fly fishing. This short and telescopic fly fishing rod is possibly the world’s lightest and most sensitive fishing rod. Tanuki Ninja offers most fun and ultimate effectiveness in fishing. It just requires a rod, a fly and a line and no reel is necessary. And so, it becomes easy to learn to fly fish for newbies to focus on fishing without a reel. It is also effortless to custom the line length and keep the line above the water for the dry fly. The sensitivity of this rod helps cast an excellent line without much effort.

TANUKI NINJA is a superb quality, meticulously handcrafted reel-less telescopic fly fishing rod. Tanuki is designed on the basis of Japanese tenkara fishing style which is originated for commercial anglers before hundreds of years ago. This flexible rod makes casting truly effortless and provides the anglers an additional indicator to detect a fish bite in the water.

Creating premium quality rod at an affordable price is always challenging. The manufacturer of Tanuki Ninja has created a premium quality rod which can provide consistently high performance. The Fluorocarbon line is lighter but harder to see. The power flex which is defined by line weight determines how much weight for a rod that bends down to a third of the rod. Again, casting flex is determined by fast, medium and slow. Yet, Tenkara rod is new, and so there is no standard available on it. The manufacturer still working on it.

The process of development has long been in the works. Tenkara rod engineers have spent a long time to work with the rod for being able to deliver a superb quality, crafted-with-care Tenkara rod, The simplest way of fly fishing! It has a good track record to provide consistently high performance and also offers free lifetime warranties. Since 2016 summer, this rod has been tested, and the manufacturer is also confident in the rod design. They have a plan to start delivering in early May and even ready to roll. It is featuring on international prestigious design magazines that cover best international product designs. They are just waiting for funds to begin the production. As soon as they reach their funding goal, they will buy all the materials to give them the green light.